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Dwelling is funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional funding provided by the Boston Foundation for Architecture and individual donors.

Robert Gilmore
and Sarah Walker

Living Room

Stainless steel, vines

Two architects have planted the seeds for a lush green “living room.” Over the course of the exhibition, fast-growing vines will cover a simple wire mesh structure, creating walls of foliage. A curving pathway leads to the entrance; a picture window frames a view of the pathway, flanked by grand family lots, continuing into the landscape beyond; and an open roof invites connection with the sky.

Artists' Statement
Reversing the typical manner in which the earth is depressed when asked to provide a final resting place for the deceased, we have asked the earth to rise upwards to embrace the living. Living Room is a space for the living to inhabit. Vines grow up to form walls that define a small space in which a visitor can linger and dwell. The shape and scale of this interior space is informed by the many stone chambers found throughout Forest Hills Cemetery.

The visitor is afforded two views: the framed cemetery landscape beyond and the open sky above. This allows a visual connection to both the tangible and the intangible resting places of the dead, and allows for reflection on the physical and spiritual notions of one's "final resting place."

We thank the following companies for their generous in-kind support: Parterre Garden Services for plant installation and maintenance, and Jakob, Inc. and Atlantic Stainless for supplies