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Dwelling is funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional funding provided by the Boston Foundation for Architecture and individual donors.


Nadya Volicer
Living Room
Recycled wood

In a shaded space, an intricate Victorian carpet appears to break apart and rise into the air. It is actually a mosaic made of colorful wood recycled from demolished houses. Flying fragments dangle on invisible string from overhanging trees. At the far end of the carpet stands a Victorian armchair where the viewer can sit, surrounded by trees and the ascending fragments.

Artist's Statement

The souls flew up from the ground:
A flock of little birds.

-Jaoquim Cardoza

My work in this exhibition was inspired by these lines. I responded through my primary medium of recycled wood, found in suburban trash piles, renovation dumpsters, and basements of friends and neighbors.

The fragments I assembled are pieces of many pasts, their functions implied by a rusty hinge or screw hole, yesterday’s color preferences revealed beneath flaking layers of paint. I am attracted to these rich patinas, and to the notion that the discarded can be reused. The materials here serve to memorialize the lives and dwellings of the cemetery’s inhabitants by creating a setting that suggests a Victorian living space and serves as a place to dwell upon the memory of those who have passed. As in many of my installations, the viewer is able to enter Living Room, and to be surrounded by ascending scraps of wood.

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