Kathleen Driscoll
Blue River Rock Two


Hydrostone, burlap, and acrylic paint


Artist's Statement
Blue River Rock Two is inspired by the idea of the river as a metaphor for the ebb and flow of life and death. A sinuous form suggesting a river is draped over the wonderfully organic Roxbury Puddingstone which was artfully arranged along the road early in the cemetery’s history. The drapery, like water itself, moves with difficulty up the jagged fragments and then flows over and down with ease. The piece hugs a gentle curve on the way down the slope of Consecration Hill. This river, composed of folds of cloth hardened by a coating of plaster, mimics the rich inventory of the classical drape, the shroud and the folded garment found throughout the cemetery. The color blue reflects the sky, the heavens.

In my first sculpture Column One: Falling Water, I was influenced by some of the most inspiring elements of the cemetery: the towering columns, draped urns, and varied architecture and sculpture adorned with swaths of drapery. In Blue River Rock Two I continue this interest but with a different dynamic. Column One embodies a monumental spill of water emanating from a mysterious source in the air and frozen at a dramatic moment in its descent. Blue River Rock Two gently meanders through the terrain, skirting a precipitous drop.

Column One: Falling Water

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