Jill Slosburg-Ackerman
and Jon Williams
Upon Revisiting




Artists' Statements

My work for Spirits in the Trees at Forest Hills in 2002 involved carving and assembling a sculpture out of the cross-section of a diseased trunk removed from this horse chestnut tree. My initial plan for ReVisited was to create another resurrection on a grander scale—to transform a different large dying tree into a sculpture. I invited Jon Williams to work with me because I knew that a large project required a partner. But when I toured the grounds with the Forest Hills arborist, Kevin Lynch to find a tree that was scheduled for removal, everything changed when I saw the horse chestnut tree again. Two years ago, my sadness over the imminent death of that grand tree was compelling, and seeing the tree again, in its latest state of demise, I realized that decline can be an attenuated process and that accommodation is another means to stave off loss. I came to understand that my relationship to this tree is ongoing, and that it will be extended in a new way by working with Jon.
– Jill Slosburg-Ackerman

Upon revisiting in March and finding that this aged horse chestnut tree was still alive, but in a precarious state, we were inspired to replace the simple crutch that was supporting its long heavy limb with a celebratory sculpture.
Our collaboration, in itself part of a generational cycle from teacher to student, incorporates our shared interests in history, architecture, craft and memory. We offer this mantel and still life in wood in homage to the vigor of a hoary survivor that continues to flourish.
– Jon Williams & Jill Slosburg-Ackerman

We dedicate this work to the memory of Harold and Constance Williams and Eleanor Slosburg.


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