Carol Spack
Nature's Book IV




Artist's Statement
Nature’s Book IV is the fourth in a series of book sculptures I began in 2001. This series grew out of my early interest in capturing in bronze sculpture the exquisite patterns found in trees as they grow – in leaves, seeds and cones. The book is a familiar form recognizable from our daily lives. I envisioned installing Nature’s Book in an outdoor setting, and my intention was to catch the eye with this human object, and then draw the viewer closer to see nature’s hand. Thus, the book, a unique human creation, becomes nature’s frame.

For ReVisited, I placed a new edition of Nature’s Book on a rustic bench. The sculpture could be a book left behind by a reader and then scattered open by a sudden gust of wind, nature’s invisible hand.

I invite you to take a seat here under the canopy of a tree, rest your hand upon Nature’s Book IV, and look out upon the carved monuments with their garlands, leaves and flowers, enjoy the lush colors and textures of growing plants, and contemplate this landscape.

The life force of trees also emerges in my first sculpture for Forest Hills, Bark Balls. These three three sylvan beings, keening burls who seem to have hopped off the tree, are perhaps the spirit of the ancient Weeping Beech that shelters them. In both Bark Balls and Nature’s Book IV, my goal is to draw our attention to the subtle textures and patterns found everywhere in nature which express life and growth. We might see similar patterns in our own finger prints, in the marks left in the sand at low tide, or in the heaving earth after a frost. I find beauty in these traces of time and nature.

Bark Balls

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